Our Services

Our Services focuses on supporting customers in growing their business by becoming more operationally efficient, and by seamlessly evolving their network to meet current and future demands. We become the IT strategic partner and handle all IT related activities, improve their business process and let them focus on their core business.

Our Services

Business Integration

We at DemITSol, provide business intgeration services and end to end intgration solutions using IBM integration products and other open source products.

IT Staffing

We are dedicated to providing nothing less than top-notch staffing service to each and every one of our customers.

E-Commerce Portal

We have E-Commerce Solution for every one, from a big shopping mall to a small retailer, So that every one can thrive and survive.

Business Support Application

DemITSol is poineer in developing business support applications to transform our customers business to a new level.

IT Trainings

We provide all kind of IT tranins both for corportates and invidual IT professionals to keep upto date their skills

IT Consulting

Our talented consultant helping companies to think ahead for surviving and thriving in today's challenging environment.

Business Process Automation

To match up with the current compition and for quick turn around time, we desing, optimize and automate the business process for a company

Third Party Review

We provide third party review services for our customer. You can utilize our skilled IT professionals for architecture review, design review and even implemenation review of the solution.

Web Portal

Web presence of a company is really crucial in present time. We help compnines to get the unique web presence which best suites to their business goals and line of buisness.

and more...

We have simple, beautiful and feature rich Invocing Solution for evey one. Its modular approach gives the flexibility to our customer to choose the features they need and in their buget.
Our CRM solution help you to engage, inform, and create long-term loyalty with your customers, Gain complete visibility of your sales cycle and Automate your day-to-day business activities.
Our Med Pack solution allows a medical clinic or a hospital to keep track of not only its pateint history but allow them interact them in real time.

Premium Services

As part of our main goal, we are commeeted for transforming the mid scale indian business market to make it fully use of IT technology to enhance their business process and daily activity. We can sense that indian business man is now looking for viable IT solution to automate and stream line its business processes.

We provide variouse premimum services, strating from consulting to automate their business process. IT consulting typically inclused to undersatnd their as is business process and identfiying the main pain points and according to that sugessting the required IT solution in place. We also do consulting to take the business to next level by exapanding geographically or increasing the product range or channels to reach out to target customer. Apart from we do provide out off the shelf business support products whcih can be easilty customize for customer specific requirement.